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 坂井淑恵 個展 “ open water ” にお越し頂きました皆様、有難うございます。坂井の絵画は






 Thank you for coming to a solo exhibition Open Water  by Yoshie

 SAKAI. Sakai's paintings have maintained her own style since the

 beginning of her career. At the same time, for each exhibition, the

 concepts and stories of her paintings are becoming richer and

 deeper. Her attitude to keep trying to create a new expression while

 maintaining her unique quality derives from her pride as one of the

 pioneers of women painters in the Japanese contemporary art.  




 9. 1 ( Sat. ) ー 22 ( Sat. ) 



 西 太志:Taishi NISHI




 open  12:00 〜 18:00

 closed  水曜日 ( Wed. )・木曜日 ( Thurs. )








今回の個展タイトル「NIGHT SEA JOURNEY」も、新たな物語を私達に暗示させてくれます。夜空に月や星が輝く海辺は、安心感と静寂感があります。しかし、真っ黒な海面の下には何かが潜んでいそうで、私達は不安感や恐怖感を感じるかもしれません。それらの感情を持ちながら、少年少女は海に漕ぎ出すのです。その旅は、西太志の今後の絵画への取り組みとも重なるのです。西のダイナミックでモノトーンの絵画は、映画「Stand by Me」の様な雰囲気を持ちながら新たな物語を展開して行きます。





Taishi NISHI got a lot of attention with paintings that cut out a scene from the movie. And, even the objects by the ceramic exhibited at same time, they shows their unique sensibility. In his previous solo exhibition, it was like a short film expressing the boy’s fantasy.


The title of this solo exhibition “ NIGHT SEA JOURNY ” also implies a new story to us. The seaside where moon and stars shine in the night sky has a sense of security and silence. However, something seems to be hidden under the black surface of the sea, and we may feel anxiety and fear. While holding those emotions, boys and girls row in the ocean. That journey also overlaps with his approach to painting in the future. Nishi’s dynamic and monotone paintings will develop a new story while having an atmosphere like the movie "Stand by Me".








   In the Google map, a sign is displayed on the north side of the

   building, but the entrance is only in the south of the building.



 ※ 日曜日・祝日は、セキュリティの関係でビル正面の扉が開きません。お手数ですが、

    画廊 ( 06-6448-3167 ) までお電話頂けましたら開けに参ります。


    For security,  the door on the front of the building will not open from the

    outside on Sundays and public holidays. 

    If you can call 06-6448-3167, we will open it. Thank you.







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